Other Intercity Rail Planning Documents


Amtrak federal law (Sec.209) requiring state/equal-support for short-distance routes (100k PDF)

Chicago-Cleveland-Buffalo-New York corridor-list of rail capital projects (2.6mb PDF)

Chicago-New York City x2 AAO-2013 (3.2mb PDF)

Cincinnati-Indianapolis-Chicago/Columbus-Chicago AAO overview (PDF)

Cleveland-Pittsburgh overview-ODOT 2008 (2.3mb PDF)

Cleveland-Youngstown-Pittsburgh passenger rail AAO presentation (4.3mb PDF)

Cleveland-Youngstown-Pittsburgh TechBelt Tracks AAO report (6.9mb PDF)

Cleveland-Youngstown-Pittsburgh TechBelt Tracks AAO talking points (900K PDF)

Columbus-Lima-Ft Wayne-Chicago Feasibility Study Exec Sum (PDF)

Cost Estimating Methodology HSR 2011 (2.6mb PDF)

Fix-It First report AAO 2008 (2.4mb PDF)

Fix-It First presentation AAO 2011 (3.3mb PDF) [right-click, rotate clockwise]

Getting There – What train stations say about our cities (6.6mb PDF)

Indiana-How Indiana funds its passengers trains NICTD 2010 (76K PDF)

Midwest Regional Rail Initiative brochure (11.5mb PDF)

MidWest Regional Rail System study documents (2004) — Chapters 2 & 5 are missing. All are in PDF format.


Northwest Ohio passenger rail improvements AAO-2009 (3.9mb PDF)

Ohio Hub — Full Report (12.5mb PDF)

Ohio_Hub_Economic_Impact_Study_Slide_Presentation TEMS (1.2mb PDF)

Ohio_Hub_Economic_Impact_Study_Full_Report TEMS (6.4mb PDF)

Ohio_Hub_Economic_Impact_Study_GEM_Validation_Report (3.5mb PDF)

Ohio Hub_Economic-AnalysisFullReport (4.2mb PDF)

OhioHub-PassengerRailCaseJimSeney (12K PDF)

Ohio Passenger Rail News-BOOMING!-Special Issue 2012 (2.5mb PDF)

Ohio’s Passenger Rail Plan (1.9mb PDF)

Ohio Senate SCR30 OKs pursuit of federal funds for passenger rail 2006 (44K PDF)

Ohio Turnpike lease to transition to multimodal network AAO 2006 (130K PDF)

Ohio Turnpike lease briefing paper AAO 2006 (13K PDF)

Operation Sustain Transit – funding options-2009 (75K PDF)

Ravenna Connection-NEOtrans-2011 (4mb PDF)

Springfield OH Quiet Zone initiative-ORDC (2.4mb PDF)

Subsidies for transportation-A whimsical look (109k PDF)

Trips between major cities-USDOT-2000 (130K PDF)

WRPA-RESTORE Immediate Needs Assessment report 2012 (11mb PDF)

WRPA-RESTORE Immediate Needs Assessment presentation 2012 (7.9mb PDF)


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  1. Howard Harding's Gravatar Howard Harding
    August 31, 2013 - 2:13 PM | Permalink

    Excellent info!
    On of the endless arguments raised against expanding US and/or Ohio intercity rail passenger service is that, allegedly, both lack sufficient population density to support rail. It thus might be useful to add a tabulation of population density in European countries and US states, sorted by density so it is easy to document the fallacy of the too-low density claim.

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