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Cleveland intermodal hub: “like an airport downtown”

  A $185 million intermodal transportation center with the acronym ARTIC will unite bus and rail passengers for the first time Dec. 6 in this city of 341,000. No, it’s not Cleveland. It’s Anaheim, California. But it shows the excellence that can be achieved when multiple stakeholders with competing needs are brought together under the leadership of […]

Amtrak delivers strong financial results

In addition to the Amtrak press release below, All Aboard Ohio notes that Amtrak revenues now cover 93% operating of costs, compared to only 71% for the Federal Aviation Administration. Federal funding provides the difference in both cases. Also, Amtrak uses mostly private sector-owned, financed rails whereas aviation and road infrastructure is almost all government-owned and financed. […]

Feds ask Norfolk Southern for Amtrak reliability improvements

In a recent letter to Norfolk Southern Corp. (NS), the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) has asked NS how it will address serious on-time performance problems of Amtrak passenger trains using NS tracks. The STB, which regulates railroads, noted serious on-time performance problems in recent months experienced by Amtrak passenger trains that use NS tracks […]

Train delays: what to do?

Was your Amtrak train delayed today by freight? Was your Amtrak train stopped while freight trains rolled by? Or did you hear from the conductor if a signal problem or track work was to blame? If so, that’s still the freight railroad’s responsibility as they own, maintain and manage the tracks/signals for nearly all of […]