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Legislative Update
Ohio’s state budget continues to be at a critical juncture regarding public transit’s continued receipt of the Managed Care Organization (MCO) sales tax after this year. The Ohio Senate did not include an MCO fix in their omnibus budget amendment, but an amendment was passed in committee yesterday that will allow us to continue fighting for the MCO fix in conference committee.
 It is vital that transit riders personally reach out to your state senators and state representatives AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to discuss the need to address the MCO sales tax.  The conference committee will finish its work as soon as Monday.
When contacting your legislator
  • Tell them that the MCO sales tax is by far the largest issue facing transit this year and is the largest challenge the Ohio transit industry has faced for many years.  How it is resolved will have a significant impact on the services transit provides.
  • Up to 10 percent of public transit services will be cut and/or fares raised, reducing the ability for people to reach jobs, school, health care and shopping. One million Ohioans do not have cars and many more households share just one car.
  • Mention Senator Dolan’s amendment as a possible solution

Senator Dolan’s amendment would reset the proposed franchise fee July 1, 2018, to keep the state, counties and transit authorities whole, and retain the Administration’s one-time allocation for counties and transit authorities in the first year of the state budget. His proposal would not impact the state’s General Revenue Fund at all.

You can find your senator here.  You representative can be found here. Please keep your messages short and polite. Be sure to thank your state lawmakers for their efforts.

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