November 2016 e-Edition newsletter


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  • Columbus-Chicago passenger rail Tier I planning gains momentum
  • Northeast Ohio regional transit considered
  • University of Cincinnati Student Govt. endorses Uptown extension
  • Connecting the Wolverine and the Keystone
  • Want Amtrak expansion? Tell Congress today.
  • Lake Shore’s Boston section returns with class
  • Cleveland RTA hires new director of rail division
  • Mad Jack Challenge fundraiser fills big need!

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1 Comment to "November 2016 e-Edition newsletter"

  1. Norm Morford's Gravatar Norm Morford
    November 10, 2016 - 12:45 PM | Permalink

    Very interesting! Now if someone would resurrect the old Indy-Chicago line [shortest
    route] we would be in great shape!!! At the moment the city of Indpls. is poised to try
    a rapid transit down very busy College Ave. which will greatly disrupt the local use
    by people who live along the route and is not as likely to be used by those who live
    closest as would a route that used the old Monon right-of-way!!!

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