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Both the House and the Senate have passed long-term surface transportation bills. That hasn’t happened in over a decade! Please make your voice heard in making sure the rail-friendly Senate bill is favored by CLICKING HERE and sending a short message to Congress today.

Members of the Conference Committee, which creates the final bill by combining pieces from the House and Senate bills, will be named this week. Staffers have already begun negotiating and it is likely that they will make their goal of delivering a final bill to the President by next Friday Nov. 20.

It is critical that the Senate’s rail vision remain in the final bill, the Railroad Reform, Enhancement, and Efficiency Act of 2015 (R2E2).

R2E2 contains:

• Authorizations for construction funds.
• Authorizations for operating funds.
• A new, more geographically diverse Amtrak board.
• An opportunity for federal funding of Ohio passenger rail expansion.

The House bill contains:

• Nothing new for Passenger Rail

There will be a series of steps we need to take over the next two weeks. The first is to ask your representative and two senators to support R2E2 in the transportation bill. CLICK HERE

If these links do not work in your e-mail, please see today’s blog posting at http://allaboardohio.org/.


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