Help boost Ohio transit funding today!

Ohio_Statehouse_columbusIn crafting the state’s two-year general budget bill, the Ohio House of Representatives last week ignored the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Ohio Statewide Transit Needs Study calling for a $2.5 million annual increase in public transportation funding. The House even ignored Gov. John Kasich’s more modest request for a $1 million annual increase for transit.

So now it’s the Ohio Senate’s turn to adopt its own version of the two-year general budget. Senate Transportation Committee Chair Gayle Manning (R-13 of Lorain) is submitting an amendment to increase transit funding by $2.8 million per year. This would reverse a long decline in state transit funding that has placed Ohio 38th in the nation in total transit spending.

Ohio is the nation’s seventh-most populous state, yet all other states in the top 10 in population all invest at least $50 per person in transit. Ohio invests only 62 cents per person on transit! That isn’t even enough for you to buy a 70-cent taco on Taco Mondays at El Ranchero’s.

Senator Manning’s amendment is a small step to begin reversing this situation. All Aboard Ohio is asking you to please write a brief e-mail or make a quick phone call to your two Ohio STATE legislators in Columbus. If you don’t know who they are, use the search tools at:


Some messages to share with your lawmakers:

  • One million Ohio adults have no car available.
  • Ohio’s urban, suburban and rural populations are aging and/or getting poorer and need alternatives to driving.
  • Ohio’s population growth is coming from foreign-born immigrants who demand higher quality transit.
  • Millennials are seeking to live in cities with robust transit options.
  • More than two-thirds of all transit trips are work-related.
  • Transit provides Ohioans with opportunities to better themselves.

For more information, please see ODOT’s Ohio Statewide Transit Needs Study or click on these recent articles:

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Thank you for reaching out to your state lawmakers!


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    I agree with Bernie Ohio is behind the times in transportation Not everyone has cars, able to drive, or d want to drive anymore! We still need to be able to travel to different localities .And to the west & East coasts We in Columbus Ohio HAVE TO TRAVEL a 100 miles in any direction to get to an AMTRAK Station! ITS REDICULOUS!

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