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Ohio Passenger Rail e-News: March 2013

Inside this issue: All Aboard Ohio Advocates for Elyria Station Republican Governor inVirginia Funds Rail All Aboard Ohio Strategic Plan Initiatives Ohio Scuttles Transportation Choice in Budget All Aboard Ohio Rail Summit May 31st. AAO Monthly Newsletter 13-031513

Why your state leaders should greatly increase funding for transportation choices

See All Aboard Ohio’s webinar presentation HERE The full OEC Webinar presentation from March 4 on transportation choices is posted HERE

Ohio chooses not to provide transportation choices

Also Ohio leaves Midwest rail compact after 11 years CONTACT: Ken Prendergast, All Aboard Ohio Executive Director (216) 288-4883 March 13, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: COLUMBUS – When the two-year budget for the Ohio Department of Transportation comes up for a final vote in the coming days, it will likely be without an increase […]

Toledo Blade: The Case for Mobility Choices

Focused almost entirely on asphalt and concrete, Ohio’s transportation budget is more suited to the 1950s than to the economic and social needs of the 21st century. Allocating roughly $34 million a year to mass transit — slightly more than 1 percent of the budget — Ohio ranks near the bottom among the states in […]