Fall Fundraiser – match the big pledge!

Hello All Aboard Ohio members and friends,

Fall is the season of colorful leaves, crisp nights and fundraisers for nonprofit groups like ours. But this year, despite starting strong, now adds extra urgency to have a successful Fall Fundraiser….

Between All Aboard Ohio and our new rail infrastructure educational / research / advocacy project called RESTORE, we are developing strong partnerships. But lots of opportunities to receive grants, carry out research activities and do other work have been put on hold until December or later due to a variety of circumstances beyond our control. One opportunity is delayed by local politics. Another is delayed by a project sponsor learning how to bid rail projects. Another is delayed due to a committee chair unable to hold meetings. There’s others. Stuff happens. But those have put us in a serious bind, as we were counting on those resources to sustain us at least until the Dec. 1 start of our fiscal year when renewal notices go out.

So I ask you to participate in our Fall Fundraiser at any amount you can to reach the goal of at least $5,000 by the end of October…..

And a big carrot has been offered to help us reach that goal: A donor has offered to match your donations totaling up to $2,500. So, for example, if the sum of all your donations is $1,000, the donor will match it with $1,000, giving All Aboard Ohio $2,000 total. Or, if your donations total $2,500, then the donor will match that and bring the total to our $5,000 goal. If your donations are $3,000, the donor will give $2,500, or $5,500 total. See how we can get to our goal quickly?

What do you think? Can you participate in our Fall Fundraiser? If 125 of our generous members give $20, we’ll reach our goal. If 50 of you give $50, we’ll get there a little quicker. If just 25 of you give $100, we’ll get there even faster!

I will keep you apprised of our progress, and I will include a reminder in the next newsletter which will go to printer as early as this week.

Please make checks payable to:
“All Aboard Ohio”
850 Euclid Ave., Suite 1026
Cleveland, OH 44114-3357

You can also donate online at:

Thanks for your help!

Ken Prendergast
Executive Director

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