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  1. Kent Mueller's Gravatar Kent Mueller
    January 10, 2011 - 9:35 PM | Permalink

    live in the dayton area and very concerned that the 3c rail plan while i think it is not something that should just be discarded is exactly what is happening. it leaves 3 of the biggest cities in the state with no rail connections to other states. could someone out there explain it the cost that ohio cant spend? is it that there isnt enough passenger travel to and through the state? i am sure its a political game that has nothing to do with the citizens of the state who might enjoy riding in comfort to their destinations. its just politics and frankly whoever might see and /or read this that sucks!

    It appears that some politicians in Ohio and elsewhere have chosen to leave behind the long standing bipartisan support for investment in rail lines for improved freight and passenger service like the larger version of the 3C that would connect in Cleveland with service east to Buffalo/New York, south east to Pittsburgh/Philadelphia/Washington and west to Toledo/Detroit/Chicago. These services are largely on federally approved High Speed Corridors. Sadly some political leaders sought to capitalize on dissatisfaction with Obama’s progress, latching on to his bold and needed commitment to High Speed Rail service. Ohio’s plan as a preliminary to real high speed rail became a focus for ridicule for not being real high speed. Our new Governor campaigned to kill the train and has done so. The money obtained has been redistributed to other states. All Aboard Ohio seeks to rebuild support by all leaders for an interim service and supporting efforts to bring true 200+ mile per hour trains to the state.
    – Web Master

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